Did you know over 700,000 tourists are reported to become victims of crime while traveling every year?

Prevention is better than a cure. Our security teams work with your team to ensure that you are safe while they are on the road. Reducing travel risks through technology is an effective way to save money and reduce turnover. Event Risk Inc. is a travel security firm that helps prevent this from happening.

Travel risks can be a big challenge for business travelers. There are stories of business travelers being injured or killed in the line of work, but these risks can be mitigated with proper planning. Event Risk Inc. is a company that focuses on helping those who are on the road. We help them stay connected and safe and do this in a way that is economical for everyone.

There are two purposes of our travel risk mitigation: The first is to establish protocols that reduce or eliminate risk exposure at the lowest cost, and the second is to highlight points of risk and how they are to be mitigated. Here are some ways we mitigate risk for you when traveling abroad: We research the areas of the country you will be visiting online. Next, we offer security personnel for your safety as per your needs, among several other steps.

​When running a business, you have many things to worry about – your employees, your company’s reputation, and keeping your customers happy are just a few. However, when it comes to your employees’ safety, worry may not be the correct response. Instead, you need to have a plan in place that will reduce the likelihood of preventable accidents, so you’ll have fewer worries and, therefore, a more enjoyable life. Event Risk Inc. is dedicated to reducing travel risk by utilizing the most advanced technologies available to ensure that no traveler has to worry about their safety or the safety of their family.

We will ensure your success while on the road. They provide security for companies and organizations looking to travel abroad. Prevent travel risks with innovative tools.

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